SF Giants tweetup fans list

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve gotten into Twitter and consequently have pretty much abandoned this blog. However, I found a great use for it for now! I’ve organized a big tweetup at a Giants game for Giants fans who use Twitter. On Labor Day (9/7) at 1:05 PM, we’re all going to go to a game together. 🙂 BTW, If you use Twitter and have not heard about it yet but are interested, let me know! All the info is located at @sfgtweetup. Anyway, here is where I’ll post the people who are expected to come, in case anyone is wondering. I’ll try to update it whenever I get the chance when I get more information from people.

Expected fans list as of 2:45 PM on 9/2/2009:

@anamramosq + 1 friend
@BabsWorld + 3 friends
@f8th4lyf + 1 friend
@GiantsBoard + 1 friend
@phibear35 + 2 friends
@RBRShaman + 1 friend
@sassy624 + sister

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