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Giants FanFest hashtag/tweetup

EDIT–For details about an OFFICIAL #sfgfanfest tweetup behind-the-scenes ballpark tour, CLICK HERE!

The person who runs the @sf_giants Twitter account apparently saw this blog post, liked the idea of a tweetup, and contacted me to make it official! So now, all #sfgiants Twitter people (I don’t like the word “tweeps” lol) are invited to go on an “exclusive behind-the-scenes tour” of the ballpark! Yay! 😀

We’re going to be using #sfgfanfest as a hashtag for all tweets related to FanFest!
As I wrote in a previous blog post, it’s really hard to find certain players at FanFest because it is not made known to the fans where certain players will be at a given time. I don’t even think the players know where they are going next. So, if you specifically want to meet a certain player, it can be quite difficult. The ballpark is pretty big and by the time you run around and find the person you want, he could be moving on to his next station.
For Giants FanFest 2009, my friends and I tried to deal with this by splitting up and calling each other to find out where different players were. I think at one point I ran around the entire ballpark to find out who was at each station. There were only four or five of us, and it didn’t work very well. I got pretty tired from running around and I wasted that time when I could have been standing in line for autographs or something.
This year, I discovered a great community of Giants fans on Twitter. Many of these users have mobile tweeting capabilities, either with phones, iPods with wifi, or whatever. I think it would be a good idea to use this special #sfgfanfest hashtag to use to inform each other of where different players are.
Important note: AT&T Park has free wifi all day, every day, whether there’s a game or not!! So if you have an iPod touch or something similar that can use wifi, bring it and you can tweet from FanFest! 🙂
Also, for the fans who share a common favorite player or have the same goals in mind for FanFest, I think it would be fun for them to meet up. Obviously it wouldn’t make sense for ALL the people on Twitter who go to FanFest to stick together, but we could organize little groups or something. 🙂 And I think it’d be cool to do that using #sfgfanfest also.
And if you can’t make it to FanFest this year, at least you can read other people’s live tweets about it and kinda pretend you’re there… or something. 🙂
For people with protected accounts, since your tweets will not show up in any searches, we’ll try this: Follow my special account at @sfgtweetup. That account will follow all of its followers. Accept the follow request from @sfgtweetup. When you have something to tweet about FanFest, use the hashtag #sfgfanfest as you normally would, but make sure to include a mention of @sfgtweetup somewhere in the tweet also. Then I will RT your tweet when I have a chance.
In addition, I have a list of people planning to attend FanFest, just so other people know, similar to the SF Giants Tweetup Fans List from our tweetup in September. If you’d like to be on the list, follow @sfgtweetup and send a tweet there to say if you know you’re coming. You can even tell me if you’re thinking of coming or if you’re just not sure. Please don’t tell me at @sfgiantsgirl, unless you’re going to also reply to @sfgtweetup. It would help a lot. Thanks.
Does that sound like a good plan? Tweet me at @sfgiantsgirl or @sfgtweetup and let me know what you think! (You can also leave a comment.)
For more info on Giants FanFest in general: My Guide to KNBR/Giants FanFest and Giants’ official FanFest webpage


My Guide to KNBR/Giants FanFest

Just to let you know, I do not work for the Giants, I am just a fan.
Oops. I just realized I accidentally deleted the whole first part of this blog for FanFest and I can’t remember what it used to say. Basically, I wrote a super long guide to KNBR/Giants FanFest that probably has tons more info than you actually need. If you don’t want all this info and would prefer just basic information, I suggest you visit the Giants’ official FanFest webpage or KNBR’s official FanFest webpage. Otherwise, read on! 🙂

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SF Giants FanFest Twitter fan list

Giants fans on Twitter planning to go to the KNBR/Giants FanFest on February 6, 2010 as of 4:58 PM on 1/31/2010:

@sfgiantsgirl (that’s me!)
If you’re planning to come but you’re not on this list, please follow @sfgtweetup and send a reply there letting me know. Please don’t tell me at @sfgiantsgirl, unless you’re going to also reply to @sfgtweetup. It would help a lot. Thanks.