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I’m bad at thinking of titles… Random Giants Thoughts 5/8/2009?

OK, so like I thought, I haven’t gotten around to writing a new post in a while. But here it is! 😀 Next one probably won’t be for another week..

Just wanted to say a few random thoughts. 🙂

I went to the San Jose Giants game on Monday, May 4th! That was my first minor league game ever, and boy, was it an experience! It was amazing to have such cheap tickets ($15) and be SO CLOSE to the field and all the players!! And I couldn’t believe how tiny (or “intimate,” I should say…) the stadium was! I was hoping to see a change from the big Giants and FINALLY see some offense, but the little Giants got shut out. 😩 And Madison Bumgarner got his first loss of the season. But after the game, I stayed to get some autographs and pics with players as they were leaving, and that was really fun. 🙂 And I’m really glad I got to see Madison Bumgarner and Brandon Crawford before they left for Connecticut!

Nick Noonan (It was his 20th birthday!)Thumbnail image for Nick NoonanDarren Ford
Darren FordMadison Bumgarner 😩 He doesn’t look very happy…
Madison BumgarnerBuster Posey
Buster Posey
I do have pics of the actual game, but since I’m a bad photographer they all pretty much suck – either blurry or flash bounced off the net in front of me. 😩

Bengie Molina was on fire today!! Two home runs, almost three!! He currently leads the Giants (and is 3rd in the NL) with 27 RBIs, more than twice as many as the next Giants (Edgar Renteria and Aaron Rowand each have 11). The Giants have 91 total RBIs, meaning Bengie has driven in 30% of all the Giants’ runs. Wow. Meanwhile, Fred Lewis just got his 2nd RBI of the year!

For all you Burriss-criticizers: Since May 2nd, Burriss is 9-for-19 (.474), raising his average 65 points to .241! So please stop saying he can’t hit! Thanks.

In the 7th inning, against Matt Belisle, Pablo Sandoval fouled off 8 straight pitches during a 13-pitch AB. That was pretty cool. Too bad he popped up. It was so anti-climactic. 😩

And, of course, I have to say something about Manny Ramirez… I was surprised when I first heard the news, and thought it was a joke. And honestly, I was REALLY happy about it when I found out it was true. I feel bad for being so happy about it, because it’s not a good thing for baseball in general. Although, if you think about it, you can say it’s a good thing because it shows that the drug testing is actually working. lol. And his excuse that his doctor didn’t realize what he was taking was on the banned substance list? I can’t believe he would really be that careless. Anyway, I think Manny was a huge reason for the Dodgers success, and I think the Giants have a much better shot at first place now. Yes, I understand that the Dodgers have other players besides Manny, but I think that he had a big enough impact on the whole team that his absence will cause them to not play as well. At least, that’s what I hope. The Dodgers’ breakdown against the Nationals, losing 11-9 after leading 6-1 after 6, is hopefully a sign of things to come. The Giants really need to take advantage of this and sweep the Dodgers!!

Barry Zito is pitching next… who will catch??? Bengie Molina, who is the Giants hottest hitter and is leading the Giants in RBIs, HRs, BA, and SLG? Or will Pablo Sandoval catch, because Barry Zito has always had great success with him??? We shall see…

For the past six games, the giants have won one, lost one, won one, lost one… and hopefully that trend ends tonight. 🙂

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