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Back to last year’s and last last year’s project… Giants in the Fall/Winter Leagues

The year before last year, I tried to make updates every night of how the players in the Giants organization did in the Fall/Winter Leagues, since it’s hard to get all that information in one place. Well, I kinda only kept that up for a couple weeks. All the info is so scattered, it takes forever to put it together! Then last year, since the Giants were actually in the postseason, I had even less time to try to do this… so this year, with the Giants not even in the postseason at all, I’m going to try again! 🙂 I barely remember how I did this last year and the year before, so I’ve just copied the blog entry I used last time and edited it to have this year’s info…

So now that the Major League baseball season is officially over, it’s time for the Arizona Fall League and the Caribbean Winter Leagues. It’s a little hard to get information about the Giants in these leagues all in one place. Someone on Twitter (@SFG1ants) suggested to me that I could link to some sort of a nightly recap of how the Giants players did that day. Sounds like a good idea to me! Every night I’ll try to write an entry summarizing what each of the Giants players did, and put it in the “Fall/Winter League Recaps” category. I’ll start with which Giants I know of that are playing in the Fall/Winter Leagues, and some links. Pretty much all my info is from this site. Feel free to let me know if you have any more information! 🙂

Giants Players on Fall/Winter League Rosters 2011-2012

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