I’m Back! (Again)

This space has served so many purposes for me over the past 4 years… When I first started it up in April 2009, it was just a good way for me to share my thoughts on the Giants. I soon started using Twitter for that purpose, and I relegated this blog to helping me set up Twitter meet-ups and share things that wouldn’t fit in 140 characters. For a brief time in 2010, I used this blog to share podcasts I created to tell my random stories about the Giants. It also ended up being a great place to compile recaps of Giants-affiliated players in fall/winter leagues from 2009-2011. I don’t think very many people actually ever looked at those recaps, but it definitely helped me in my own following of those players when not many others were. And now, its new purpose for the time being will be a place to consolidate all my little Giants tidbits that are currently scattered over the Internet. I have interviews and video footage of players on YouTube, photos on Facebook, documents and spreadsheets on Google Drive, etc. and I’ll try to keep them all easily accessible here. I don’t much enjoy the actual writing part of blogging anymore, so don’t expect to see much of that on here unless I’m providing an explanation for one of the other items I’m posting. Anyway, let’s see how long I can keep this going! 🙂


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